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February Theme

It might seem cliche, but I’m doing it.  Every day in February, I am going to feature something I love about Disney.  I seem to post better when there is a theme at hand (please note I didn’t write a thing for myself in January!)

So check me out for the next 28 days as I share Things I Love About Disney……


February 1

Seeing the castle as you start your trek down Main Street.

I’ve seen this view probably over 100 times and it still makes me take a moment.  I LOVE how Disney created this amazing effect.  You walk under the train station and enter a hub of activity.

City Hall to your left, Tony’s to your right.

Smell of popcorn in the air.

Happy music playing.

You walk along the street, following the natural curve. . .and then. . . .

There it is!


My New Year’s Resolution

I’m going to take a long route to get to my Disney thinking in this post.

I have never been one to do the resolution thing.  I have this realist point of view with a dash of pessimism that sees the entire idea as one HUGE set up for failure.  This year, I have what I would call, ideas.

This year’s idea is compliment/thanks related.  There is a background story of course.

Last Christmas I bought myself and a few close friends the book “The Complaint Free World.”  It’s a book detailing how to stop complaining.  There is a process and you’re supposed to put a bracelet on your wrist and every time you complain about something, you switch wrists.  The main goal is to go 21 days straight without having to switch your bracelet.  Yeah….21 DAYS….

I’m really good at complaining.  We all are.  It’s something that we do as part of our small talk, it’s the basis of some relationships, and it’s just so easy to find the negative in something.

When I wrote my Disney gratitude posts this November, I realized that if I am always on the look out for things to compliment while I’m at Disney World, but don’t do the same thing at home.

This year’s plan then is to compliment and/or thank at home more often.  I’m bringing back the thank you note this year.  I’m going to ask to see the manager at stores to compliment a good employee.  I’m going to show my thanks around my little world as I do while in my favorite part of the world.

Happy New Year my friends – and thanks for reading!

Daily Disney Decor

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

I think this covers it!

Daily Disney Decor

It wouldn’t be a discussion of Disney Decor if I didn’t include a gigantic Christmas Tree.  They are EVERYWHERE!  Each park has a HUGE tree somewhere (Animal Kingdom gets another one over the holidays ha ha ha ha)

Magic Kingdom places its tree right in front of the action.  EPCOT’s worldly tree sits at the entrance to World Showcase.  Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom’s sit out front of each park offering lots of space to get the FULL tree in the frame!

The resorts offer the same ginormous decorated trees.  Count on tall tall tall trees in any of the resorts with cavernous lobbies.  Today’s decor comes from The Wildeness Lodge.  This resort feels the most like Christmas to me during this time of year.  The darker decor, flannel, fireplaces, woodsy surroundings…I feel like I’m in the Northwest in a cabin and there’s snow on the ground.

I’m not woodsy or rustic at all, but this resort offers a comfy wilderness that I could love!

Bonus photo of my family here.  It’s too pretty not too!  This is from 2006 before we took a boat ride out to view Wishes.  That’s another story!

Merry Mickey Christmas to all!

Daily Disney Decor

By now you know I have a Disney Tree.  I’m sharing one of my ornaments today.

Cinderella’s Castle is unique because you can attach it to any light on your strand.  This year, it’s lit up blue (my attempt to replicate the icicle lights).  Every year I choose a color light to set it on and thus, get a new castle view.  Ask my oldest and she would change it several times a day because regularly it changes color at night.

Merry Mickey Christmas to all!

Daily Disney Decor

Disney is all about detail.  Over the holidays at the Magic Kingdom, there are so many little places to see elements of Christmas.  On our last trip during the holidays (November 2010), we took a walk through Mickey’s house in Toontown.

Sadly Toontown is gone to make way for the Fantasyland expansion.  I am sad to see Mickey and Minnie’s houses gone.  My girls truly believed this is where they lived.  Visiting their houses was a must do each trip.

Knowing this was our last time to see the houses, my camera was at the ready.  Wouldn’t you know, Disney does NOT disappoint.  Mickey’s house was decorated for Christmas!

This Christmas tree is perfect because my constant toucher Ally (on the left) could touch this tree and nothing can break!  Check out my oldest noticing her wayward hands!

Merry Mickey Christmas to all!

Daily Disney Decor

I am lucky enough to have a Doorway to Dreams store within driving distance.  Doorway to Dreams is a store to buy Disney Vacation Club points.  As if the information centers throughout the parks weren’t enough right?

Anyway – how it relates to Christmas.  This November, Doorway to Dreams hosted a DVC Member Mixer.  Of course, they were decorated in the gorgeous manner Disney can.

Disney decor is always so detailed and here is no different.   At Disney, it seems perfectly normal to gift wrap the Eiffel Tower for Christmas!

Merry Mickey Christmas to all!

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